Welcoming Your Child


When babies are born, we greet them with the acknowledgement that they are much more than their physical bodies and their developing personalities.  We greet their souls.  We peer deeply into their eyes with love and respect for who they are.  This is natural and intuitive on our part.  Then we go about raising them and we get caught up in daily living experiences. We often forget how divine they are. 

The Divine Truth

baby divine

It's not that your child has a soul...but rather that a soul has become your child.  Your child is a soul who has come to earth to learn through the human experience so that his soul, your soul and other souls have the opportunity to learn through their interaction.  In addition, learning opportunities and communities are created that fuel his ever expanding creative energy that support him, us, our world and our universe.  His soul integrates with the body and the mind to live as a human being.  When his human experience is complete, the soul leaves his body and returns to from whence it came.  It incorporates the human being that it was and the learning of this lifetime into itself.

Support for Parents


Every child on earth is a "spiritkid".  A spiritkid has four aspects: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.   The balanced integration of these aspects supports your child's happiness and success in life. This website provides you with skills and strategies to support a beloved child as he moves through time as we know it on this earth. Learn about your child's energetic body, spiritual/soul life including psychic abilities, how to increase his mental processing and self control. This website offers guidance on your parental energy and how you can support your child physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Welcome Video

Meet the author and hear her welcome to Spiritkid. This video is about 1 minute long. 

The Pages of Spiritkid

Effective Parental Energy

Develop and use your parental energy.  This impacts your effectiveness as a parent and makes it easier to relate to your child. 

Your Child's Needs

Meeting your child's needs gives him the best chance to improve his well-being.  This page explains how meeting his basic needs allows him to learn and grow. 

Physical Aspect

The body is most supportive of the mind and the soul when it functions at its highest ability.   Parenting strategies are provided that encourage the balanced integration of the mind, body and soul which supports well-being.  

Mental Aspect

A discussion of physical and spiritual knowledge and how to control the mind. Support for academic and creative achievement. 

Spiritual Aspect

Your child is a psychic, spiritual being who communicates with other spiritual beings in ways you as an adult no longer remember. 

Emotional Aspect

Emotional energy swirls around your child and reflects and influences his feelings, wellbeing and actions.  Learn how to support your child's emotions and apply beneficial strategies.


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